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Following rules is very important. Breaking rules will not be taken lightly, and can lead to severe consequences.
By using The Aquila Network (the site and programs), you agree to adhere to all rules.

1. Do not be disrespectful, in any way, to other members.
2. Do not be disrespectful, in any way, to the forum team.

1. Do not post spam or low quality content.
2. Do not post personal information of other users.
3. Do not post any illicit or illegal material.
4. Do not post fake programs.
5. Do not post viruses, malware, etc., unless allowed by a member of the forum team and only source code is posted (no binaries / executable files allowed).
6. Do not advertise other programs that have direct competition with the programs sold on this site.
7. Do not double post or cross post.
8. Do not be unnecessarily mean to others, even sarcastically.

1. Your account will be banned if you have significantly infringed upon the rules.
2. Your account will have a warning applied to it if you have committed a small infringement of the rules.
3. Your account will be permanently banned if you continuously or significantly disrespect any other member, including the forum team.
4. Your account will be deleted if the forum team deems it necessary.
5. Ban requests will be handled on a case by case basis. Usually, this is not an allowed request without an appropriate reason.
6. Banned accounts are not allowed to charge back or demand refunds for lost subscription time - this is your own fault for getting banned.
7. Your account will be banned if account sharing is detected. Account sharing is not allowed.
8. You may only have one account to use. You are not allowed to be able to use more than one account.
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