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Minecraft - Kyon - 04-29-2012

Well I do know that Minecraft is a Sandbox so I'll be putting a thread here to talk about it , I suppose .
So anyone else playing it ?

RE: Minecraft - Oberon51 - 04-29-2012

Me :3

RE: Minecraft - Bikko - 04-29-2012

No, no Wink

RE: Minecraft - Kev - 04-29-2012

I have like 20 accounts to it... I used to play often, been busy with WoW now.

RE: Minecraft - Kyon - 04-29-2012

Oh , 20 accounts that's all ? That's not too mu-- WAIT A SECOND WHAT ! Don't know if you're mocking humanity and buying many of those or magic and tricks nowadays are really , extremely easy stuff to do

RE: Minecraft - Marisa - 05-01-2012

Sometimes i play it, but this is rare ^^

RE: Minecraft - ax_pokle - 07-25-2012

i like minecraft, i have my minecraftservers too and you can let his imagination run wild let

RE: Minecraft - Kev - 10-30-2012

Been playing Minecraft lately to get away from real life issues. I'm not sure if it's a good addiction for me or not... Anyways I'm playing on play.hackercraft.net, it's still in beta, but as you could expect I am finding ways to get wealthy in the server fast.

Edit: It's updating to 1.4 atm.

RE: Minecraft - br0t - 10-30-2012

So why dont we have a public AQN Minecraft Server? :o
Hacker Pixel Party! Big Grin

RE: Minecraft - Kev - 10-30-2012

(10-30-2012, 07:39 AM)br0t Wrote: So why dont we have a public AQN Minecraft Server? :o
Hacker Pixel Party! Big Grin

Because I don't want to manage plugins and such, I also feel like I would need a server to host it that it reliable and that's another whole issue. Tongue Anyone wants to do it up they can...