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Regarding subscription changes and refunds - Chezzy - 11-22-2015

To prevent abuse, these policies are going to be enforced from now on.

'No refund', you cannot refund the products we are selling.

You may request a change for your subscription only once.
This is to prevent people from changing their subscription every single week or day, depending on what they would like to use.

In your proof of purchase, you must include the purchase date, transaction ID, sale amount (price) and type of subscription.
This is to be able to confirm your subscription and to change your subscription with the correct amount of remaining time.

In order to request a subscription change, you must include the necessary information outlined in the message templates below.
You can even copy and paste these message templates, and then just fill in the necessary information! Easy!

Subscription Change

Account Name:
Current subscription:
Desired subscription:
Proof of Payment:


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Account Name: Chezzy
Current subscription: osu!Relax 1 month
Desired subscription: osu!Timewarp 1 month
Proof of Payment: https://i.gyazo.com/a37ada1c57b28d66091bc5208c82fb4d.png

If your request does not have all the necessary information, or you do not meet the requirements, your request will be denied.

Thanks for your (potential) cooperation~

[Image: PcGEad5.gif]

RE: Regarding subscription changes and refunds - Szwagi - 11-22-2015

Can I refund my life please?

Account Name: Kamil A.
Current subscription: Life
Proof of Payment:
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[Image: birth_form_sample.jpg]

RE: Regarding subscription changes and refunds - -Ben- - 03-14-2016

Updated, you now can only swap your subscription once.