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Selling Rare League Account - chickens - 06-17-2016


dont play this game anymore, i only play osu/csgo and i want hacks/csgo float tool

Before i start this account is old and has had alot of money spent on it so please dont expect to offer me $45
[Image: Brpbm90.png]

Skins: 357 (All legendary skins) (link will be supplied to skins in skype)
Champs: All (including Taliyah and her skin)
Blue Essence: 6k
Rank: Gold 3 with Plat border from last season (Can push it to a higher rank if needed for a price)
Has a rare summoner name that i can disclose on skype or PM

PM 4 skype

RE: Selling Rare League Account - EroEro21 - 06-18-2016

First selling a probably verified account is retard. There are too many ways you could scam.

Give me a way to tarde and I offer you lets start with 75 euro we can talk more later

RE: Selling Rare League Account - legacy - 07-07-2017

Please send me details via PN, i am interested!