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It's a pity that he left osu!
[Image: riZK]
According to statistics top20 best players, he spent two years in the first place.

What do you think? Undecided
[Image: rAJg] [Image: rAJn]
It's sad to see him go.
The skill gap between him and the other top players was pretty big for sure.
It feels weird, not seeing him at the top of the recently ranked beatmaps.
White Wolf does have the ability/potential to beat many of Cookiezi's scores, but as you said, he doesn't try hard.
Rather, it takes White Wolf more plays to set a decent record compared to Cookiezi.
Rainbow Tylenol, He Has No Mittens, The Big Black, etc.
I was really looking forward to him playing Atama no Taisou [Nogard]....
I will admit Cookiezi was and still is the best player at current time in osu!

But you couldn't expect him to keep playing forever, he had to eventually get bored of the game. I know I have and I come back to it after a bit.
I've heard that Cookiezi grew tired of all the fanboys and the praises, along with the bombardment of questions he received every day whenever he was online.
White Wolf has potential, but it is not better than Cookiezi Wink

He is lil-boy without life, and Cookiezi played a little bit but qualitatively.
[Image: rAJg] [Image: rAJn]
To be honest, nobody will be better than Cookiezi. He was BORN to play this game. Now that he left, i don't know who to stalk anymore ;_;.

I guess i'll stalk WW then ;-;
Yes, you're right.
[Image: rAJg] [Image: rAJn]
Cookiezi was and is the best player in osu!, while White Rankwhore (err White Wolf) may have more #1s (rank whoring) than Cookiezi, you gotta look, alot of them where HD and FL, whereas Cookiezi used HR and DT more often. Both HR and DT MAKE THE SONG HARDER! HD and FL is just a memory game, neither change the position or the speed of the hitObjects.

Cookiezi will always be #1 in my books, it was proven when even after he doesn't play anymore, with the introduction of pp, he regained #1 for a few days, although now White Rankwhore is #1.
Yes it is. Rolleyes
Sometimes I think that players such as Mesita and azuraer use any hacks.

Mesita played songs for 1000 combo with the FL+HD.
And with the approved maps, too, with unreal jumps.
[Image: rAJg] [Image: rAJn]

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