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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (2013) (worth buying?)


Im woundering about this game, tho i dont know if im going to buy it or not.

Have anyone tried it yet? : S
[Image: anime_signature_by_r4zgritz-d3b1a53.jpg]
I tried it and got randomly banned for supposedly buying gold even though I had never traded anything during my time playing the game... I hate those admins
[Image: Kawaii.png]
I was a beta tester, it was kind of dull to be honest.
Yeh, it was just a standard mmo with better graphics.
[Image: Kawaii.png]
Oh alright, but how is the gameplay? Like WoW?
[Image: anime_signature_by_r4zgritz-d3b1a53.jpg]
Kinda tera but worse if I remember right
[Image: Kawaii.png]
(11-15-2013, 01:38 AM)Talii Wrote: Kinda tera but worse if I remember right

Damn : S
[Image: anime_signature_by_r4zgritz-d3b1a53.jpg]
I love final fantasy but I think tera is more worth to play it just because it's free
There are always those 2 admins *ugh ugh* Kev - hyhy *ugh ugh* that like to trol me Q_Q

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