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World of Warcraft

It isn't shit.... I just like the graphics and the art of the game.... the pvp system is amazing
There are always those 2 admins *ugh ugh* Kev - hyhy *ugh ugh* that like to trol me Q_Q
Personally dislike WoW.
Played since Vanilla, quit early last year.

Been trying various MMO's ever since and I'm leaning towards a preference for Action RPG's like Tera/BnS/PSO2 (Though each of those don't really compare well to WoW when it comes to the amount of content).
Tried going back to WoW but couldn't get into it again because it just felt so slow compared to the gameplay in ARPG's. It's not just WoW though, any point and click game just doesn't feel right anymore for me.

Not to mention the fact that they have no solution for top tier gaming PC's in the graphics department - It'll forever be a game with subpar graphics to accommodate the needs of those who can afford to pay for a subscription based game, yet do not have a couple hundred quid to spend on a gaming PC.
Anyone can recomend me a good bot ?
I have alot of bots and trainer kits for alot of WoW expansions. Mostly all work on trinity core though, idk about other frameworks. if you wanna try any of them out PM me.
Kev pls send Honorbuddy 4.3.4 cracked with meshes pls.
(12-17-2013, 09:22 AM)Lily Wrote: Kev pls send Honorbuddy 4.3.4 cracked with meshes pls.

Pretty sure he pays for it.
Please don't PM me, I don't do much on here anymore.
Pretty sure honorbuddy doesn't support private server's, even says it on their page.

There ya have it.
I've used Honorbuddy for ages. I've a number of the paid combat routines as's dope for pvp and raiding.

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