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osu!spinner v1.2.4 (free version)

Seems to work great for me. Great job! Big Grin
You should make the points random each spin.
Also you should make it so you can set the hotkey.
Nice job! You made a GUI too, but...
xD you didn't say how to use it (what keys do I use)?
Hold C when a spinner comes up!

Oh and good job JustM3.
So much spin bot ;;

Gratz. :3
Thanks guys Big Grin
Its my first c# project, but i like it ^.^
My Brain stopped working after your calculation of the next point to aim at :O

Completly confused, but i am not good at math xD i still need a pen and paper to get it in my mind xD
Reddit confirmed that i Timewarp even when i dont have a subscription Kappa retards 
C# is a really good programming language. Your code may use some optimization. I'll take a look at it and try to explain to you some good C# practices.

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