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Herro guys so I want to start a thread about Hearthstone because this game is fun.

I started to play it 1 week ago on European server, but I'm still a noob rank 19 and I play a Zoo Warlock that cost me around 1,200.

also I have no friends since it's a new account so if you guys wanna play or something just add me :

idk how easy a card game would be to hack
(07-25-2014, 09:01 AM)notmyrealname Wrote: idk how easy a card game would be to hack

As far as i know, cardgames are pretty hard.

Imagine you need to make a hack, can you use cheatengine? That is How trainers and hacks for most games work, they edit a value in memory that is not controlled by the server (for example the time until you can shoot again with a pistol, for a rapidfire hack).

Another type of hack is making a bot, to automate something. What would you automate?

First, you need to know WHAT you want to hack, then see if its possible.
Hacking Hearhstone must be quite impossible imo
Not trying to dead horse beat, but since this is about hearthstone I don't think I should make another thread.

I was looking for a "exploit" that would find your opponent's Battletag, and came across a post that lead to a file that was hosted on this site. It was called "Hearthstone BattleTag Lookup.rar", and was in /announcements/randomprojects. I was wondering if anyone can repost that file?

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