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osu!multibot thread

osu!multibot v0.6

no, im not giving you it, stop asking.

So yeah, i'll be making this my main thread for my current main project, my bot.

-can succesfully find the beatmap time without user having to do anything, withing like 100ms
-can read .osu files, and stores them in memory so it doesnt have to read while you're playing (preventing lag)
-in case the time thing is outdated, the user can still press a button to do a slower sigscan, with higher chance of succes
-easy to expand, it took me 5min to add mania support
-config files c:
-auto detects song
-supporting all keys in Mania
-fixed botForm not displaying bot name
-more messages in console
-added form for building songlist, and improved speed a lot
-added comandline/shortcut support
-added speedhack (buggy atm, definitely not finished)
-improved config file handling (not like you will notice)

Supported modes:
-osu!standard (relax only atm)

Currently working on:
-auto bot
-keybinds in config file

Planned features:
-full auto bot (bezier :c)
-CtB bot
-finish taiko bot
-better looking forms, more original (sry kev <3)
-server so that i can control who uses it
-making user input minimal, so maybe combining all bots into 1 form
-add hotkey support

main menu:
Spoiler Show
[Image: Bo2lHhC.png]

taiko bot:
Spoiler Show
[Image: BmRQc8c.png]

videos of all bots:


gg look nice
[Image: 2ceeef1a9d.png]
Wow ^w^
Well, since i didnt want to go figure out how to do sliders, i started to do the relax bot. It now works perfectly for circles and spinners, but not for sliders Tongue

If anyone can help me figure out how to do the sliders (calculating their length, on taiko calculate how many times to click), please contact me by PM or on skype: HoLLy_HaCKeR12.

Also, this might help me, but im not sure:
Okay nevermind, my bot sucks

Spoiler Show
[Image: 60dae23484.jpg]
32 unstable rate 100% legit I like it
Not Really,one 100 is nothing o3o
(08-22-2014, 02:09 AM)SuperOsu11 Wrote: Not Really,one 100 is nothing o3o

i dont even know how it happened :o
I was watching it play, and at 90% of the song it still had 100%, so i get myself something to eat, i come back, and i get that scorescreen :c

Edit: nvm, its looks like its pretty good :3
Spoiler Show
[Image: af6b9e6f9a.jpg]

osu!record seems to butcher the sound though Tongue
how to use that hack? OwO
Basically you select which hack to use, select the song's .osu file and start up the song. Thats it.
Problem is, it isnt really shareable since the pointer i have only works on 1 pc for some reason, so i need another way of reading from memory.

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