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All free programs

woa thats not nice
Osu!music is also gone

nvm is back
[Image: 3nj]
is there a trail version for free ? i want to test it
No, there is no free trial.
A $1 trial used to exist (which lasted 2 days), but it is no longer available.
Okay ... I bought timewarp and how can i download it ?
(03-16-2015, 06:59 AM)ChromaxX Wrote: Okay ... I bought timewarp and how can i download it ?
15 minutes after you purchased any subscription, you will see a new forum section appear on the homepage. In the timewarp subforum there will be a stickied thread called "osu!timewarp v3.xx changelog" or something smilar. There will be a download link. If you still can't find it, pm me and I'll send a direct link.
Updated with newest programs.
(11-01-2014, 11:35 PM)JustM3 Wrote: Wanted to make a thread listing all currently free programs c:
So yeah, here you go!

General programs:
osu!toolbox by JustM3 (3000th thread woohoo)
osu!reskin by Amethyste (Not working unless used without Internet connection)
osu!smoked v1 by AverageJavaGuy
osu!music by Coreins
osu! song scraper by Chezzy
osu!autoDL (BETA) by ZTS (not really a program but okay)
osu!RestrictedRanker by JustM3
osu!ProfilePicStealer by JustM3
osu bot (chat client) by Cabbage  Might be unsafe!

Cheating tools:
osu!spin by LonePhenom JUNKED
osu!spinner by JustM3
GUIDChanger by Quentin (Link at the bottom of the page)
osu!streamer by JustM3
osu!spinner Premium by JustM3
osu!stealer by JustM3
osu!helper by dex73r
AutoDisconnector by Chezzy
osu! hack launcher by JustM3
osu! auto disconnecction thingy (untested) by JustM3
osu! ID Finder by JustM3
osu!replayEditor by JustM3

not osu! related:
Desu Pic Downloader by Chezzy
Furry downloader by Raple

If there is any program missing, or you want yours added, please tell me in this thread or by PM.
Please only send in free programs with a download link, and NO score-submitters.

Chezzy edit 3-3-15: updated to show junked threads
   Are any of these like the Relax mod?
(06-01-2015, 10:49 AM)cIoakk Wrote:
(11-01-2014, 11:35 PM)JustM3 Wrote: ...
   Are any of these like the Relax mod?

The closest one is the stream helper, but it will not hit notes automatically, it will tap keys at the speed you want when you activate it.

But yeah, no free auto click bot.
PERFECT I LOVE IT!! Smile Rolleyes Rolleyes

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