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Osu Cracked

Hi, i have idea .. Let's get together and do one project Osu Cracked. for all player

I think it would be a good idea, everyone could somehow get involved


Everyone should have something to offer and we could make a good private server

if this succeeded I could offer Perform VPS server to run a game server domain to further web + I calmly programmed the web

I think it would be a good idea do not you think? Smile
Sounds cool :p
Ephyxia did it aswell, but remember that stuff like this will happen: :3

Good luck!
Ephyxia deleted acc on this forum or?
(11-10-2014, 12:11 AM)fleshiicek Wrote: Ephyxia deleted acc on this forum or?
check the stickied post in this forum, and his account is now called "Phyxia" or "Phyxie".
ok Smile
It's possible to do but I'm too lazy. c:

Do not be lazy and do a good server Smile
(11-10-2014, 05:11 PM)Chezzy Wrote: It's possible to do but I'm too lazy. c:

i would do it too. If i have the source of everything i need Sad
Reddit confirmed that i Timewarp even when i dont have a subscription Kappa retards 
yea.. who have a full source?
Some people have it (foxy, Quentin, me, blabla) but someone worked hard to get it so I guess if you want it you'll have to get it yourself.

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