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Osu Cracked

how to get?
Decompile it.
I got the source through decompiling and fixing errors, though I received a new updated version from Phyxie.

It takes a long time to fix errors but if you're dedicated enough and have experience with coding then it's possible.
What Chezzy said.

just get programs like de4dot and .net reflector and try fixing every error you get in visual studio.
if you have to ask what decompiling, obfuscation or reverse engineering is, you shouldn't be doing this.

Just make sure you are experienced in c# anf you should be ok Wink
Good i decompiled Osu but in ilspy or reflector has meaningless codes..
Just make sure you can actually build / run it.
When i build it VS give many errors but these errors can not fix..


Error 20 Unexpected character '\u002E' C:\Users\Jirka\Desktop\osu unpack\osu!-cleaned\ns61\Class310.cs 95 63 osu!-cleaned


this.list_1.ForEach(new Action<Class487>(class642.\u003C\u002Ector\u003Eb__0));
Then fix it. If you really have a need to decompile a game of this level, you should know how to work around these types of things.
Where can i obtain a cracked server for osu ?
(11-13-2014, 07:28 AM)guiguidu90 Wrote: Where can i obtain a cracked server for osu ?
You don't get one, you make one yourself, just like Phyxia did.
;w; sad i didnt know how to decompile osu can you help me ? ;w;

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