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The Elder Scrolls series

I've been a fan of the The Elder Scrolls series for... well, since I got Oblivion. I currently own Oblivion for ps3, Skyrim for ps3, Skyrim Legendary edition for pc, and since 2 hours ago The Elder Scrolls Online!

I'm wondering if there are any other fans out there? Skyrim is one of the best games I've ever played so ESO looks very promising. Has any of you played it yet? I'm curious how many fans are out here Smile
Played the beta (PC) twice (about 35-40 hours into it) enjoyed it but I prefer FFXIV over it.
I got back into Oblivion not long ago, I wish i could get into skyrim but i just cant seem to.
I've played a lot of Skyrim and not enough of Oblivion (I played it at a friend's house).

I like games like Skyrim; they spark my interest and keep me at it for a super long time

I heard ESO was a bit of a disappointment but I can't say so myself because I've never played it

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