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Create Osu Hack

I work on a Cheat osu.
I manage to put my cursor at the right time and press the button as necessary.

My basic time I get serious with a memory address reading (update of that there is a 100m interval of + between each note).

state :

Spinner: ok
Circle: ok
Slider: not ok

I do not know how to calculate the time between two points, can you help me?

I really need help ..

Sorry for my bad English, i use Google Translate
Look at the single letter at the begin of the addition, it's a P B, C or L.
They stand for different curve types. P is for perfect curve, B is for bezier curve, C is for catmull curve and L is for a straight line. L and B are the ones I've made formulas for before and they are relatively simple.
I do not understand too the curve, how it works? Do you have an example? (mathematical)
For linear curve (aka linrs) you can just use Pythagoras. For the others you will have to look up how they are drawn.
NextHit.Duration = currentMsPB * NextHit.Repetition * NextHit.PixelLength / LoadedBeatmap->getMapSliderMultiplier() / 100;
// NVM thought you need to calculate the points.-

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