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Problem with Clickbot


I'm currently working on a clickbot for osu!. The Program simulates keypresses. It works, but when I use it in osu! it doesn't accept the clicks. I'm quite new to c++, so...
Big Grin
I've heard, that osu! just accepts clicks that comes from the hardware and ignores simulated ones. But how can I bypass that
Sorry for my bad english tho.
You must be joking. I use sendinput in my replaybot and it works perfect.
(07-02-2016, 10:57 PM)MrZenArc Wrote: It works, but when I use it in osu! it doesn't accept the clicks.

Might be because you're not pressing down the keys for too long. You want to keep a key held down long enough so that the game running at a minimum of 60fps will be able to detect it. In this case, the bot should hold a key down for a minimum of 0.017 seconds (17 milliseconds) to be safe.
@Detroid Ah ok, I use keybd_event atm. Maybe I should try with sendinput.

@Chezzy could be the solution, I will try! Thanks!
So I've added a line and the key is pressed for 100ms now. But it doesn't work in osu! But the key is clicked... Not even in the osu! main menu it accepts the key clicks. Don't know why it doesn't work.

I'm using keybd_event.

I rewrote the code and I'm now using SendInput. I used a nkey-Rollover test to see, if the key is pressed. It worked. But when I'm using it in osu!, it doesn't.
:x maybe you bind wrong keys ingame?
yes.... it doesn't event works in the main menu...
(07-05-2016, 09:42 AM)redbluewhite Wrote: try running osu! in windowed/fullscreen windowed

Already tried.
Update: I tried to make a spin-bot, too. Here is the code: (looks pretty simple, pls keep in mind, that I'm new to c++)

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <winuser.h>
#include <time.h> //Used for Sleep() in the former version of the program

using namespace std;

int main()
while (1)
if (GetAsyncKeyState(VK_SHIFT))
SetCursorPos(1040, 525);
SetCursorPos(840, 725);
SetCursorPos(640, 525);
SetCursorPos(840, 325);

return 0;

But I get the same problem like in the Clickbot... It doesn't work for osu! and other games. What did I do wrong?
The Program itself works, but not in games.

EDIT: So I've read a little bit and now I need to know, how I can bypass the directinput in c++.

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