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Replay Editor

+rep trustable guy, gave me support instantly after buying from him helping me to understand and run the thing, its an extremely powerful Replay "Bot"/Editor and definitely worth the money.
Definitely the best osu hack out there, and it's fairly simple to use. I recommend it, 10 out of 10.
Fast support and a really great program. You can do almost everything with the editor, so you can even use as a simple "replay stealer" as fix your old/recent chokes on a couple minutes. +rep
Totally legit looking and if used properly can probably get you very high in the rankings without anyone questioning you.
Their programs works just fine.

They have been banned for something completely unrelated.
Great program, absolutely legit looking,. Not detected even when spectated, usable in multi. Used with restraint you could certainly climb nonstop with little suspicion and zero evidence. Highly recommend and worth the price easily.
Used a few times but it's seriously good and well made, 10/10 would buy 5 lifetime copies
good program for people that want to play legit, worth the money

thanks azuki

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