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How can I use osu!Auto

I don't now how to use osu!Auto :/ ....can anyone help me???
I'd like to know too, If it hasn't changed it's suposed to be with osu!Relax but you can't select it at the start of the loader and when you activate it in the config it doesn't change anything.
"osu!Auto - Broken
Status: Broken
Spins - Not working
Full Auto - Not working
Circle Auto - Not working
Mouse Assist - Not working
Legit Auto -Not working

Bugs / Issues:
-Extreme delay when playing a song
- Currently Broken
-When up to date (working song timer), auto does not work for some users/pc's
- Currently detected. Play at your own risk."

I'm just stupid, ignore me.
Osu auto has been fixed months ago.

Turn it on here.
Even if I activate it, it doesn't work, both of the full auto and the assist.
Either I don't understand what they do or I'm doing something wrong.

Here's something, I activate the full auto, I start a beatmap, press alt-tab, and then the cursor goes to where the note is.
Well, I don't think I can turn it on more than it already is.[Image: 513c2b898cca4850bb13e944ef9d8863.png]
Do you two have raw input disabled in game?
It was enabled so i tried to disable it, and a new problem appeared, the full auto stops when there is a slider.
Still need help.

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