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What does 'Mouse Assist' actually do?

Okay I'm not completely stupid, I know it's meant to help you aim but for me it sort of glitches out and makes me miss notes.
E.G. on sliders I'll start doing the slider then my cursor will glitch back looking very unlegit. Then with notes sometimes it 'sticks' even with 'sticky notes' off.
Here's my config:
Is there something wrong with my config? And if so could someone recommend one for me?
I don't really have trouble aiming but I'm interested to see how Mouse Assist helps.
it's bugged do not use it
There is this so-called-bug that we can't do much about, where if you aim at the note really too late / or aim at the next note too early, your cursor is gonna act as if it has austism. You pretty much need a very very good aim and timing to play with mouse assist, you will get used to it with time.
Okay, thanks.

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