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The Aquila Network Forum Rules

I. Respect Other Members

1. No flaming. 
Flaming in private messages can be subject to warnings if reported by the user. Flaming applies to, but is not limited to:
        a. Sexual Harassment
        b. Disrespect of other members.
        c. Racism, Sexism, or any form of hate crime, whether it be in the form of text or image.
        d. Bullying/teasing(excessive)
        e. Profanity/inappropriate language(in an aggressive manner)

2. No threats of any sort are tolerated. 
The act of threatening another user will be taken very seriously. This may include, but is not limited to:
        a. Blackmailing
        b. Death threats
        c. DDoS threats
        d. Hacking threats
        e. Self-harm threats

II. Respect the The Aquila Network Forum

1. No flooding of any sort. 
Defined as either posting more than five new threads in the same forum in an one hour period without staff permission.

2. No posts containing personal information of others, illegal content, selling of personal or confidential information. 
This will be dealt with severely and can result in a permanent suspension. This may include, but is not limited to:
        a. IP Addresses
        b. Full Names
        c. Addresses
        d. Facebook Accounts
        e. Skypes
It is up to your discretion whether you want to post information about yourself, but that information may only come from the owner(this does not include IP Addresses or Skypes of any sort.)

3. Posting of links directing to an IP grabber is strictly prohibited. 
You will be permanently banned without warning.

4. No Advertising. 
The advertisement of other communities, markets and third party programs will result in a permanent suspension. Twitch streams are allowed if you are streaming common games such as, but not limited to:
a. League of Legends / Dota 2
b. Counter-Strike
c. osu!
d. Overwatch

You are allowed to advertise the following should it not counteract the above:
  • YouTube channels.
  • Twitch channels and other live streams (provided they are appropriate.)
  • Any non-community and age-appropriate websites.
  • No third-party forums or communities are allowed to be advertised.
  • Blogs, Vlogs, etc are allowed as long as they are age-appropriate and no NSFW content.
  • Admin-approved sites and content.

If you don't know if your website can be advertised, please contact a site admin to have it approved. Admin-approved websites are allowed.
Do NOT spam or repetitively link to any websites, regardless of what website.

5. No explicit content outside the 18+ section. 
This board is aimed towards a general audience, and that includes younger members. Pornographic images or explicit material (this includes disturbing/violent images) are strictly prohibited from being posted outside the 18+ section.

6. No exploitation of forum security. 
Exploiting or attempting to exploit loopholes or vulnerabilities within the The Aquila Network forum software will result in a permanent suspension of your account. Any activities with an objective of violating the confidentiality or harming of the forums users will result in an immediate termination of your account.  Depending on the severity of the exploit you may receive a reward by bringing it to the attention of the staff.

7. No ban evasions of any sort. 
Users that have been IP banned are not allowed back on The Aquila Network forum and any attempt to return to the forums under a new name / IP will result in another ban. IP bans are reserved for the highest level offenses, this includes, but is not limited to:
        a. DDoSing
        b. Hacking
        c. Death threats

8. No misposting. 
Misposting may be considered spamming in certain situations. This can be easily avoided by reading the section title and/or reading any relevant announcements or pinned threads within that section. If you are unsure where to post a thread, you may private message any forum staff or member for guidance.

9. No hanging quotes. 
Hanging quotes is quoting a user without adding a reply to it. These posts will be deleted and if it occurs often, a warning will be given.

10. Bumping of your own thread is allowed every 24 hours. 
Keep it within moderation.

11. No gravedigging(this is mainly for threads older than 2 weeks). 
If you come across an old topic and have relevant information to add, you may do so. You will not be punished for adding useful information to a topic.

12. No thread hijacking. 
Thread Hijacking primarily applies to the market section of the forums. It is the act of posting on a sale thread (that is not yours) and selling items at a cheaper price or buying items at a higher price. This is strictly forbidden and can result in a warning.

13. No aggressive topics or status updates directed at other users. 
Threads directed to users are allowed as long as it remains in a positive environment. If the thread appears to be of a negative manner or harm the security of a user, the thread will be deleted and the creator of the topic may receive a warning. If your content is directed towards a staff member or a user to clarify a rule/statement/question, we expect them to use the private messaging system instead. Criticism and comments directed towards a staff member and The Aquila Network can be posted in feedback sections in a constructive manner.

14. No selling/buying/asking for "reputation." 
If the "reputation" system is found to be abused by a user their reputation will be reset.

Making alt accounts to rep yourself is also not allowed.

15. No selling your account.
You cannot transfer your subscription or sell your account to another user.

16. No spamming(unless in the spam section.)
Posting one word/off-topic replies will be removed. Further spam will result in an infraction.

17. No public ban complaints. 

The public forums are not your platform for venting. There will be no appealing a ban.

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