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Skype/Discord stops working after I try to load osu!relax


any help please?
I'm having that exact same issue and sometimes I got it to work, but now it's full out just crashing discord/skype... I've opened both in administrator and without it, nothing has worked. I've changed the application but then it does the same thing...
^ it happens the same for me. it worked yesterday for once but now it's always crashing.
It happens to me as well, both for osu!relax & TimeWarp, I tried several injection programs as well with the same results :/

EDIT: Works now.
I changed it to my razer setup thing but it just now doesn't connect me to the servers but it worked
I just changed my process to firefox and now it works fine.
With firefox, it doesnt crash firefox, and it says that it was loaded. but it doesnt do the 2 sounds that should do after loading the cheat :\
It wasnt loading and crashed every host program I tried until I ran both AQN Loader and the Host program in compatibility mode for Windows 8

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